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Top 9 Trending Cover up Tattoo Ideas

Top 9 Trending Cover up Tattoo Ideas

Not every tattoo must represent a permanent thought or ideology. Sure, you may have a certain thought in your mind that you transformed into a gorgeous piece of body art. However, over time, if you are over with that thought and have changed your mind or choices, it is never a bad time to finally get a tattoo coverup. While there are certain things to consider before getting a tattoo coverup and a few mistakes to avoid while getting a tattoo coverup, it is one of the most popular methods to rejuvenate your existing tattoo.

Tattoo cover ups are also very popular if you have to remove an inappropriate tattoo for your workplace or erase the name of your ex on your body. Thus, if you are looking for some good tattoo cover up inspiration, here are the top 9 trendy cover up tattoo ideas that can make your design fresh as ever!


#1- Abstract Cover Up Tattoos



Abstract designs with a splash of colors can never go wrong. Here’s an example of how a basic monochrome design of a dragon was changed into something so fascinating with a few pops of colors.


#2- Geometric Cover Up Tattoo



In a geometric tattoo, the intricate symmetrical designs are the showstopper. Made with great precision, this tattoo coverup idea is incredible for covering up bigger tattoos. With heavy shading and some bold colors, it can easily cover up the previous tattoo, making it look absolutely new.


#3- Mandala Cover Up Tattoo



In this tattoo cover up idea, the color, and the shading is the central attraction. With symmetrical details, even the ugliest tattoos can be converted to something so enchanting and divine.


#4- Skull Cover Up Tattoos



Another common and classic cover up tattoo idea that never goes out of style is skull cover up tattoos. You can be as creative or choosy as you want here. If you are not into gothic skulls, this rose-infused skull can look stunning. Thus, you can play with a variety of designs here by incorporating different elements into the designs.


#5- Animal Cover Up Tattoos



Unleash your love for animals with this cover up tattoo. With brilliant shading techniques and the best patterns, you can create the most realistic tattoo designs on your body to cover up your previous tattoo.


#6- Neo traditional Cover Up Tattoos



These cover up tattoo ideas are perfectly suitable for covering light colors of tattoos. The bold outlines with vibrant and saturated colors work efficiently in covering the details.


#7- Black and Grey Cover Up Tattoos



The black and grey cover up tattoo idea is a common but very tough design to achieve. Blackis considered to be one of the best colors to cover up previous tattoo work. However, it can take hours to achieve a perfect look.


#8- Color Cover Up Tattoos



In cover up tattoos, when the tattoo artist draws over existing ink, the new ink mixes with it, forming entirely new colors. Leveraging this, you can effectively utilize it to create a beautiful cover up tattoo. You may need longer than usual to plan and map out the process to understand how the colors work with each other.


#9- Biomechanical Cover Up Tattoos



Biomechanical tattoos are one of the emerging tattoo design trends that have made a great impact in the past few years. These are hyper realistic tattoos that can only be achieved by experienced tattoo artists.


Wrapping up


With this, we wrap up this session of our best cover up tattoo inspiration for this year. With trends changing each year, we will keep you updated on the latest designs every time. These cover up tattoo ideas look highly enchanting and work for both small and large tattoos. Some of these ideas can even conceal and transform a complete tattoo sleeve effortlessly.

However, it is important to choose the best tattoo artist for conducting the tattoo coverups. As the process is slightly different from the standard tattoo-making process, an experienced hand will help you get your desired results and designs.

So which tattoo cover up idea are you going for this year? Comment down below right now.

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