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What Does The TattooPedia Certified Mean?

What Does The TattooPedia Certified Mean?

You have read our blogs and have seen us in Mooch Talks with renowned tattoo artists from across India. So, by now you surely know that at The TattooPedia, utmost importance is given to every tattoo enthusiast out there who wants to get inked or get to know everything they can about tattoos. We started to create a vast platform for you all to have all the information in one place and become a part of a tattoo community. A community where you can also locate tattoo artists and studios near you without worrying about how authentic they might be.

This is where our certification comes in. We have started this unique and much-needed tattoo forum and community so that no tattoo enthusiast has to go back home with regrets after being inked. What better way than getting you in touch with the top tattoo artists in India with the stamp of certification through us?


What are the Certification Criteria?

At The TattooPedia, we give priority to one of the most important things, that is, hygiene and safety standards. Every tattoo studio or artist that you see certified on our forum, follows proper methods of inking, they are all professionals with a vast portfolio, and they keep their studios and workspaces safe for their clients as well as their team. For you to feel secure while getting inked, you need to trust that your tattoo artist is following all safety protocols like using unused and new needles every single time, keeping the space sanitized always, keeping equipment covered with wraps that are also changed after every use, and so on. A tattoo artist or studio certified on The TattooPedia can be trusted to adhere to these vital steps and protocols. Everyone's safety comes foremost.


Is this Certification Provided by the Government?

No, there is no official certification for tattoo artists in India. While a license has been made mandatory for tattoo artists and studios to work, certification of artists isn't done and hence, there is no official check on the safety standards being maintained. There are tattoo schools that offer courses for aspiring tattoo artists and some of these schools provide certification to the artists after the completion of the said courses. The certification at The TattooPedia is based on the safety practices followed by the artist or studio and then registering with The TattooPedia.


How Can a Tattoo Artist or Tattoo Studio Get Certified on The TattooPedia?

Once we know you keep your safety and your client's safety a priority, we'd be more than happy to get you on board with us as a certified tattoo artist or tattoo studio. We offer various plans for being registered with us and each plan can be viewed right here. We strive to build a large tattoo forum and community where not only people wanting to get tattoos but also professional artists and studios can get a platform to be represented and reach a wider clientele.


Is Getting Certified Worth It?

Absolutely! Doesn't a 100% cotton tag appeal to someone looking for cotton clothes? We all want to get inked by professional tattoo artists at tattoo studios that are safe. A certified stamp would help get rid of that worry and booking tattoo appointments would become a stress-free thing with safety standards being assured.


The TattooPedia Certifies!

Certification helps you know that you can trust the tattoo artist and/or studio and go through their portfolio immediately to find the style you'd like to go for. No more worrying about whether a studio is clean or not. We certify so that you can explore with ease and just think about finalizing your designs and the artists that would be the best fit for those designs. So, get going and book your tattoo appointments without worries!


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