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What is the difference between bio-organic and bio-mechanical tattoo style?

What is the difference between bio-organic and bio-mechanical tattoo style?

With so many different styles of tattoos revolving on the internet, you may have stumbled upon Bio-Organic and Biomechanical tattoos as well. Often interchanged, Bioorganic and Biomechanical tattoos are two different tattoo styles with a clear distinction in the process. Thus, if you are confused between these two tattoo styles, let’s cut the chase and understand the differences right away.


What are Bio-organic Tattoos?

A bio-organic tattoo is simply a tattoo style that incorporates elements of nature and the earth. It also includes the anatomy of human beings, animals, and other creatures. This tattoo style is trendy among people who love science fiction since it is inspired by natural and anatomical structures and parts. In other words, the design includes body art of bones, organs, veins, and what not.

Bio-organic tattoos are contorted and fused with the body, whereas Bio-mechanical tattoos typically have the same design but are fused with machine parts and artificial technology.


Bio-Organic Tattoo Design

Like we already explained, Bio-organic tattoos are very textured tattoos. It is notably found to have very vibrant colors with intricate detailing. Since these tattoos depict nature or the human body, sometimes these tattoos are illustrated in a cartoony fashion. One of the prevalent bio-organic tattoo designs is the digestive system.

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Similarly, one can even get their bones tattooed on their body. When incorporated together with the organs, these unique and interesting designs can be very impressive if your tattoo artist gets it right!


What are Bio-mechanical Tattoos?

Bio-mechanical tattoos is a tattoo style which is the combination of a human with a machine. Here the human anatomy is carved in the form of tattoo imagery of machine and robotic parts.

One of the reasons why Bio-mechanical tattoos are so popular is that you can get any body part of yours “mechanized.” Part man, part machine, these bio-mechanical tattoos reveal the mechanical workings, steel, wires, and gears within your body that looks just like a part of your body.

For example, you can get a bio-mechanical tattoo in your chest with a mechanical heart and some wiring representing the nerves connected to other body parts. Even though bio-mechanical tattoos do not necessarily need to be very detailed, you can always ask your tattoo artist to make it as detailed as possible to portray the inner mechanisms of your body.

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Bio-mechanical Tattoo Design

Even though you can always add colors, bio-mechanical tattoos are mostly done in black or grey. Mostly bio-mechanical tattoos are minimalist compared to bio-organic tattoos. One of the common types of bio-mechanical tattoos is the spine tattoo which is usually placed down the backbone, representing a mechanized spine.

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Another popular bio-mechanical tattoo is the sleeve design, wherein you can get some bones and other parts with a mix of machines and organs throughout your sleeves, preferably from your shoulders to your wrist.

Source link: https://images.app.goo.gl/efAHPXpFfRADE3L3A


Wrapping Up

Even though the difference between Bio-organic and Bio-mechanical tattoos isn’t significant, yet the design and the procedure make all the difference here. However, considering the intricacy of the designs of both bio-organic and bio-mechanical tattoos, you need to consult with your tattoo artist beforehand to ensure that they are proficient enough to pull off such designs.

Either way, these tattoo styles are in trend right now and definitely a great addition to the body if you are tired from the regular tattoo styles.

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