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Why Are Tattoo Schools Important?

Why Are Tattoo Schools Important?

Tattooing is an art which one believes to be either good at or just not have any skill for. While that could be true, it really is not the whole truth. Just like for any artist, the basic skill of having an inclination as well as at least an average hand at drawing or sketching is a requirement for becoming a tattoo artist as well. You cannot be a singer without having a basic range which can be improved. Some basic art skill would obviously be helpful. It is not something you can practice and become a master at.

Once you know you have those skills and are ready to get into this line of business of tattooing, then you should know that tattoo schools are not an option that you should be ignoring or bashing yet. Hold on, just listen to us first. This is our opinion and we are all open to discussing things so let us tell you our stand as well.


Guidance That You Need.

We say that we do not need help. We say we can take care of things ourself. Great! However, this is not about an emotional or mental aspect, this is about a career path. All of us want to be perfect at our jobs in order to be the best in the field and always be in demand. To achieve that kind of finesse, we all need help or guidance. Tattoo schools do provide that guidance.


Learning That You Require

Is not going to a tattoo school the same as not going to schools for formal education? Of course not. Tattoo schools have started coming up over the past few years but tattoo artists have existed before that as well. So why suddenly do people feel that a tattoo artist can be successful or learn only from a school? Well, the simple answer is, we don’t. We do not think that going to a tattoo school is a pre-requisite for you to excel in this field.

Not all of us are born gifted. Not all of us know how to choose the right things or take the right decisions without being properly informed. Likewise, there is a plethora of people out there who do not know how to start out in the tattoo industry and wonder how to form their base and clientele. Tattoo schools do not give you clientele, we know, but they do give you enough training to improve your work in order to achieve a higher client rate.

Tattoo schools have courses designed over two or three months wherein they help you to refine your basic sketching and drawing skills and lastly take you to the higher stages of tattooing on human skin. That entire journey has multiple learnings involved wherein you get to understand your own skill set thoroughly instead of working over the years and understanding that about yourself.

Some tattoo schools also offer courses which include apprenticeship/internship offers and give you client handling experience as well. Such courses definitely help you gain the exposure you would require in your own studio once you feel ready to start off in this field.


What About the Frauds?

Which industry does not have deceitful people in it? We can think of none. There will always be people everywhere making money even out of charities. However, a few rotten apples should not make us bitter towards the entire apple orchard that is there.

While it is hard to understand which school to trust, The TattooPedia has provided schools, personally certified by us so that you can research through our Site itself and be stress-free. You can see the course structure and everything else that you would like to know to feel confident about the school or course you pick and move forward from there on.

A fair point is that there can be times when a sort of filter is required before people get enrolled in these courses so as to avoid insincere or undetermined artists. We also believe that this kind of screening process could be adopted by schools so as to ensure that the right artists get the help and set industry standards. However, it is surely not enough reason to completely get rid of schools.


Does Everyone Need It?

Does every guitarist take lessons? No. Tattooing is also an art and that is why tattoo schools are definitely not a compulsion. It is more about personal choice. If you feel you need that kind of guidance and practice which you cannot manage yourself, then you should opt for tattoo schools for sure. However, if you feel you have the skills and exposure and also the knowledge required to start out then no one is stopping you there either.


So, Do Tattoo Schools Need to Exist?

The answer is yes. Tattoo schools are significant because tattooing is a booming industry with many people out there wanting to be a part of it. It is imperative that people do not get robbed of such an exciting industry just because they do not have the right guidance or knowledge. Some people need a push while others need a helping hand. Whichever it may be for you, neither are wrong. With the help of tattoo courses made available by reputed studios or artists, many novices are present out there who need a lot of information and require mentors. For them, these schools are a godsend and there can be nothing wrong with that.


The TattooPedia supports tattoo schools and the sincere and genuine students or learners out there who want to excel in this field and make a career they desire. Do you feel that we missed something obvious? Tell us below and we can all start healthy discussions right away!



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