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Why Are Tattoos So Costly?

Why Are Tattoos So Costly?

How many times does it happen with you that you see people around you, walking and flaunting their tattoos and your heart sinks because you say, “oh no. I wish tattoos were cheap so that I could get one”? We know it has happened a few times and you are waiting to save enough for your dream tattoo(s).

Certainly, such strong inclinations towards getting a tattoo can also lead to you getting frustrated and wondering what on Earth is the reason behind body art being a little over budget. Therefore, to calm your minds, The TattooPedia is here to get you the reasons and help you understand why tattoos are costly.


So, Why So Expensive?


1. The Price of The Experience


The artists who you go to are definitely the ones you would want to be perfect and give you the results you desire. Going to mediocre or average tattoo artists is not something you would prefer. Considering that, you would undeniably go to an artist who has the experience and expertise in the work that they are doing.

That experience the artist gains is through a lot of hard work and dedication that they put in over a span of many years. Tattooing is an art which one cannot excel at by a formula. It takes many years for an artist to create a reputation in the field and hours and hours of determination while adapting and adopting new trends as well.

All that experience is what has increased their value and worth as well. You would not go to the top-surgeon in the city and expect them to charge a minimal fee. With great expertise, comes great value.


2. Research and Specifications that Need to be Taken Care of


When you decide to get a certain style done for your design or get customizations, your artist does not simply sketch it out and gets ready to ink it. They do their research, see how your tattoo can be perfect and in what ways. They have to take care of your personal notes as well.


3. Time Spent


Your artist spends hours on perfecting just the sketch itself of your design and then after they do that, they spend a lot more time to ink it on your skin. All that time that they spend is being utilized for just one client which is you. A dedicated tattoo artist cannot spend less time and manage tens of clients. To get your tattoo from such a devoted artist, you would not mind to pay that extra bit of money.

Additionally, the area where you get the tattoo also matters because tricky areas require more finesse and care as well as time. All those hours spent on one client are the things that make the artist’s time worth every penny.


4. Equipment Used


The equipments which an artist uses are all expensive and that is a huge investment they make from their own pocket. The regular use materials like needles and ink get consumed quite quickly and these materials are not cheap either. Regular replacement of such things definitely cost the artist money and getting the right inks which do not harm you and are safe also come at exorbitant prices.

Returns on investment is a natural expectation, is it not? 


5. Investment/Rent of Studio


When an artist starts off their work, it is obvious that they either open their own studio or rent one. That is an investment every business requires. Tattooing being an industry where one’s reputation precedes them and their work which leads to more or less work. For that an artist requires time. That time does not fairly help them to pay the rent or get returns on their investments any soon. Considering that they do need money and it is quite fair.


6. Livelihood


One’s work is their bread and butter. Tattoo artists have to live on the money they earn just as all of us do. It is important to understand how an artist has to make money for him/herself while managing all other expenses to be covered. If an artist would charge a minimal, basic fee, how will they cover every cost as well as manage to take home some amount of money?

All the hard work, perseverance and skills that the tattoo artists put in all over the years is what ultimately makes them aim for that fee because they completely deserve that investment of time as well.


Considering and understanding these points will surely help you see how every single penny that is charged is significant and essential. If you feel that it is still something you cannot afford to get done immediately then you can start saving right away and set this goal. You know it is always worth it at the end because you have seen your friends and other people around you with some amazing body art. Hence, undoubtedly you can hold your horses and get that tattoo you desire soon.

We all want our worth’s pay, so why not the brilliant tattoo artists?

Do you still feel there are reasons for why tattoos should be cheap? Comment below and tell us, now!


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