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Why Do People Regret Getting Tattooed?

Why Do People Regret Getting Tattooed?

Almost all of us come across at least one person in our lives who says "don't get a tattoo, people regret it later." Have you wondered why they think so? Is it baseless? Or is it true that people who get inked mostly end up regretting their tattoos? The answer is yes and no. Yes, there are indeed people who wish they could go back and not get inked, but no, it's not always and even those regrets have reasons. We're here to tell you those reasons so that not only can you avoid regretting your own tattoo but you can also tell people the reasons when they suggest you not get inked.


Hasty Tattoo Decisions

For a very long time, movies have shown us that getting intoxicated and having a wild night includes getting a crazy tattoo. These wild nights can lead to regrets ultimately. It is essential that you give your tattoo design proper thought and get inked. That does not mean that you can only get tattoos with a deeper meaning. A silly tattoo is just as fun and great as long as you're sure you want to get one. So, think it through.


Uninformed Decisions

Oftentimes, people don't research properly and end up going to artists who lack the skills for the tattoo style or design they choose. Tattooing is a wide field with many tattoo design styles and not every artist is equipped with the skills to make every kind of tattoo. Hence, always go through tattoo artist or tattoo studio portfolios and get your tattoo from a professional artist who has experience in the same style of tattoo you'd like to get.


Going Wrong with the Tattoo Placement or Tattoo Size

This somewhat links with the first point. Sometimes we think we'd like a big tattoo but once it's done, it starts feeling like a bad decision. It could also be that you decide to get a tattoo on your hand but forget to take into account that skin becomes wrinkled as you age and that alters how your tattoo looks. Sun exposure also fades tattoos earlier than those tattoos at spots that are mostly covered. So, considering these things is also important because tattoos are majorly about how good they look and you'd want yours to look good always.


Not Following Through with the Aftercare

Tattoo aftercare is just as important as deciding which tattoo idea to go with. How your tattoo turns out depends on the artist as well as on how well you care for it. Follow everything your tattoo artist tells you. If you don't, your tattoo won't get to its best state and you'd end up regretting the tattoo, feeling that you had expected something else.


Following Trends

We're all guilty of this. We see something trendy, love it, and now we want it. However, tattoos aren't like clothes. Getting rid of tattoos is harder than discarding unwanted clothes. If there are trendy tattoo designs that you feel you love, take note, and give it time. If the idea stays then maybe try customizing it a bit for yourself and then go for it. While some classic tattoos like popular floral tattoos or minimal tattoos are always amazing, some tattoos which are more elaborate like neo-traditional tattoo styles may not be loved by you always. So, trendy is great but make sure you really want it. Remember, trends change. If the trend's over, you wouldn't want to regret the tattoo.


Not Communicating Properly with their Tattoo Artist

Body art is intricate. Even the smallest of tattoos can go wrong if you don't put your idea across properly. Many people give vague ideas to their artists and end up getting tattoos that are different from what they wanted. Tattoo artists draw up sketches, talk to you, confirm things and then go ahead. So, don't try to rush through those processes. These things ensure that you are happy with your tattoo and the artist gets a happy client too. The best way to ensure this doesn't happen with you is to always make tattoo appointments. Don't walk into a tattoo studio randomly and expect to come out inked. Book a tattoo appointment. This helps you as well as the tattoo artist.


No Regrets!

Aren't these reasons easily avoidable? They absolutely are! While there are times when even after everything, you could end up regretting your tattoo but that's rare and happens when you lose that connection to the tattoo over time. It still won't be a major tattoo regret. If you do by chance regret it, then don't forget there are multiple ways to get rid of a tattoo you regret. So, keep all worries aside and book your tattoo appointment!


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