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Why should tattoo designs be customized?

Why should tattoo designs be customized?

Whether you are getting your first or your sixth tattoo, you may have encountered either of the two options for your tattoo appointment - Flash tattoos or custom tattoos.

Flash tattoos are the ones that are used from the pre-existed designs on the internet or other sources. You may find flash designs on at least 2 out of 10 people with tattoos out there. Thus, you won't be the only person walking around town with the usual butterfly or Betty Boop tattoo.

This is one of the biggest reasons most people choose to customize their tattoos. Every unique individual desires at least one piece of artwork that truly represents them and is not just taken out of Pinterest! Sure, you can always get inspired from books or the internet but tweaking the little details and colours here and there will make it even more captivating.

Let's check out some more reasons why your tattoo designs should be customized and how you can choose your customized tattoo for your next appointment!


More meaningful tattoos



Tattoos are permanent and a commitment till eternity. Since it is something you will carry for the rest of your life, it is always recommended to get something you always relate to.

Simply getting a random tattoo off the internet will have no connections with your life whatsoever.

Any tattoo that describes your story, hardships or even the happy moments is something you would like to cherish forever.

Your tattoo is your OWN story. Don't just pick up any design out there and get it on yourself as if you are not able to connect with it well. It won't be easy to live with this decision forever.

Have a series of songs on Spotify or Apple Music that depicts your journey in life? Get a customized soundwave tattoo.

Have someone really special in your life and want to mark their dates on your body, get a customized couple tattoos with them!

At some point, you may even ask yourself, what was the point of going under the needles and getting this tattoo when it doesn't even relate to anything in your life?

A customized tattoo design uniquely portrays your story and life, giving you a higher level of satisfaction with your decision.


Symbol of expression



There are so many people that are not expressive enough in person but through art. Art is the most tangible way of expressing your thoughts, beliefs and statements in life.

Your tattoo should express who you are, what you want to become, and how you have evolved all this while.

This is why custom tattoos stand out. Your custom tattoos will speak your words through art which is one of the most beautiful things out there.

As the quote says, "Don't just show your tattoo. Tell a story".

While creating a customized tattoo, you are bringing your vision to life. Since tattoos are an artistic medium permanently engraved in your body, you can express your personality and share your unique experiences in life. It illustrates who you are through art.

In case you are wondering if you can add quotes and images from the internet that depict your thoughts and beliefs, you need to understand that without customization, it wouldn't be unique to you.

Sure, you can use the quotes online, but simply changing the colours, font or the small details according to your interests can make it more like your personality!


Create big-scale tattoos with ease



It is always challenging for the tattoo artist to replicate a particular tattoo design from the internet and carve it in your body, considering the intricate designs added into the reference image. This is especially common for large scale tattoos such as tattoo sleeves.

Through flash sheets, you may not get the exact design for your tattoo sleeve.

However, by customizing your tattoos, your tattoo artist can pair your vision with their creativity and create a unique tattoo sleeve that is not only unique to your personality but also looks splendid by the end of it.


Looks more colourful



Last but not least, customized tattoos have a more colourful vibe to it if you use different colours to your tattoo.

You can explore different kinds of variations of colours and textures in the tattoo designs to make it unique.

With your vision and the tattoo artist's creativity, you can create the most intuitive and colourful tattoo designs for your body!

For example, suppose your hobbies include hiking and playing basketball. A tattoo art consisting of nature integrated with mountains, hiking trails and road signs directed towards a basketball court can give you a good view of your interests and encourage you to keep striving for your passion.

You can add as many colours or shade it a little to make it more interesting.

Pretty interesting, right?

Communicating with your tattoo artist beforehand about your vision is always advised in terms of creating custom tattoos.


What to do before getting a custom tattoo design?



If you are planning to get a new custom tattoo design, there are multiple things to consider. Depending on it, your tattoo can either be a real work of art or a hot mess. It's all about researching, planning and strategizing the entire procedure to bring you the best results. Here are a few critical things you need to do before getting a custom tattoo design for your next appointment.

  • Do some research about the latest tattoo types out there. Are soundwave tattoos more trending than biomechanical tattoos right now? Either way, the choice is yours.
  • Pick a custom meaningful tattoo design for you. Look at the books, magazines, and on the internet for inspiration. But remember. Don't just copy the designs altogether.
  • Find a tattoo artist near you and share your vision and ideas with them first. You can also share the image references and discuss how you'd like to customize it. In case you need help finding a good tattoo artist for your custom tattoo design, simply register to The TattooPedia, and you can book your first tattoo appointment and get started with the discussion right away.
  • Request them to create a rough sketch based on your ideas. This wouldn't take much longer but will help you better understand how it will look on your body.
  • If you do not like the sketch, ask for their recommendations to make suitable adjustments or even schedule another visit to take more time to look for better custom designs.
  • After you are done with the discussion and the planning process, fix your final tattoo appointment and get your first tattoo customized!


Wrapping up

There are so many potential benefits to getting a custom tattoo design. If you look around, you will find 8 out of 10 people having unique and custom designs on their bodies.

If you want to unleash your inner goddess and the fire, a unique custom tattoo that represents your personality and vibe well is a necessary addition to your body!

In case you are looking for tattoo inspiration for your next custom tattoo, you need to check out the official website and the social handles of The TattooPedia. We consistently share some of the most enticing yet unique designs that suit every personality.

Who knows, you may find your ideal tattoo design to customize from the records of The TattooPedia?

Get your research started today and plan your upcoming custom tattoo appointment very soon!

Till then,
Stay Safe and
Happy Tattooing.


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