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Why Should You Listen to Your Tattoo Artist?

Why Should You Listen to Your Tattoo Artist?

We are completely getting used to a life where we are quite self-sufficient. Our Google searches have kept us from feeling ignorant or dumb (to simply put it). We can find answers to anything on the Internet, but they need not always be the right answers. That is why the tattoo industry has a vast majority of clients coming with multiple misconceptions regarding tattoos.


We are also a site on the Internet so why should you listen to us? Well, we are here to give you all answers, authentic ones, which we can bring to you related to the tattoo world. We have no other agenda. One stop. One platform. A tattoo community. That is who we are. Together, we are trying to get rid of the myths, misconceptions, prejudices related to tattoos and tattoo artists. Considering that we work towards this goal, you can be sure that you are getting only real answers coming from people with experiences and artists who share from their own work and experience they have gained over the years.


Now that we have built some trust, let us get to why you should only trust and listen to what your tattoo artist tells you but before we start, a gentle reminder, the tattoo artist’s expertise, experience and recognition also makes a difference in what they tell you. Choose your artist properly. Doesn’t mean that you have to go for only the most expensive tattoo artists out there, but it also does not mean that you compromise on everything just for a cheaper price.


Here, we have a simple and precise list below for you to see in what matters you should listen to your tattoo artist and not follow trends, internet, or your friends.


1.    Placement of Your Tattoo: Your artist is the one who is going to ink the tattoo. If they ask you to change the position of your tattoo or suggest another body part, listen to them. They are saying it because after all the experience and the knowledge they know what is right. They know what type of tattoo, in which style looks good and from what angle.


If you still want your tattoo at the body part that you have chosen, then discuss that with your artist and be ready to alter your design a bit then.


Instead of ignoring what they say, try to understand why they are saying and what they are saying.


2.    Customization Ideas for your Tattoo: When your tattoo artist starts suggesting that you should get some different style or some new element in the tattoo, that means they are trying to help you make your tattoo more personal. When you take a trend or a popular tattoo idea and ask them to copy it, it becomes clear to them that you have not given it a personal meaning.


Your tattoo artist is completely aware of how impersonal tattoos lead to becoming tattoos people regret. That is obviously not the case always, but the artist is there to help you come to the best tattoo decision possible. They value your time; they value their own time. It is important to be sure of what you plan to get as a tattoo.


Tattoo artists have expertise in this field. Trust their instincts when they give you ideas about which style you can incorporate in your tattoo design which will bring forth more of your personality in your tattoo. They can also help make a common tattoo design more personal for you. This is why, always listen to your artist when they tell you to make any alterations in your tattoo design because they will only make it better for you.


3.    Aftercare: The professional tattoo artist is the one who can give you the perfect advice as per your tattoo, as per your skin regarding the aftercare that you should follow. There are certain basic steps which are to be covered by you like using an ointment, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun or water. This you can find online. However, which ointment would be the best? When can you remove the plastic wrap? Would you need a touch up? Many other questions like these will also arise and no Internet novice or expert will be able to help from behind a screen.


Your tattoo artist works in this field. They will tell you the right name of the ointment. They will tell you how much exposure your tattoo can take, whether it will need a touch up or not and so on. And remember, your tattoo artist will also let you know if you need to consult your doctor in case you see excessive redness or something else. On the Internet you might find people who call normal redness, an infection. So, only listen to your artist about these things. They know! (Sorry Monica).


So, what do tattoo artists have that the Internet would not?


1.    Personal Understanding of Your Tattoo, Skin and Preferences.

2.    Expertise Gained Over Years of Practice.

3.    Authentic and Practical Answers from Knowledge and Not Assumptions.


While we are sure these seem obvious, we also know that searching for everything on the Internet is what we all do. So, join us in trying to create the perfect tattoo community where every question asked, is answered with answers from experts of the field. Join our tattoo forum now!


Gentle reminder, your artist knows best. Listen to them.


Tell us below if you have any questions regarding how to approach an artist.


Image source: InkBook Tattoo Software


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