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Why should you use a Tattoo numbing cream?

Why should you use a Tattoo numbing cream?

Whether you have experienced a painful tattoo session or are going for your first tattoo today, most people will say that getting tattoos is the most painful thing ever!

But, hear us.

Tattoo pain is variable and is subjected to the placement, type of tattoo, needle, and many other aspects. However, you can always tone down the pain and discomfort while getting a tattoo with a tattoo numbing cream.

Numbing creams are general anaesthetics that tattoo artists use to numb the skin or dull the pain sensations in the area. This significantly makes the entire experience of tattooing more comfortable and smoother on both ends.

If you want to know more about tattoo numbing cream and how it works, keep reading this blog with us, and you won't have any questions unanswered!


How does tattoo numbing cream work?

Numbing creams are applied to the skin before you start your tattoo session. The active ingredients in the tattoo numbing creams include agents that are focused on reducing the pain. They fall into three different categories such are:


Nerve Deadeners

This is one of the most widely used tattoo numbing creams that contains nerve deadeners. A common example is Lidocaine. It basically numbs your skin surface and stops your nerves from picking up the pain signals from the needle, resulting in a temporary loss of feeling.

However, tattoo needles go pretty deep within the skin layers puncturing the five epidermal layers of the skin. The nerve deadeners might not be able to numb away all the pain by penetrating all the deep layers. Also, the nerve deadeners typically don't last a long time. The numbing effect wears off after an hour or two, and you have to take a break and reapply the cream every time.


Nerve Blockers

Nerve blockers typically block the pain signals partially to reduce the pain during the tattoo process. It will slightly dull the intensity of the pain of the tattoo needles. Some common examples, such as Tetracaine and benzocaine, are often paired with nerve deadeners for a more substantial and powerful effect.



Vasoconstrictors include epinephrine which is the most powerful numbing cream but falls slightly on the dangerous ends. The vasoconstrictors usually constrict the blood vessels, which helps to reduce any bleeding or swelling on the site of the tattoo.

Also, the effects last longer. Thus, you will be typically backed up for your entire tattoo session with just a single dose!


How to use a Tattoo numbing cream?

The process of using tattoo numbing cream is yet again variable and depends on the tattoo artists. However, here is a step-by-step process that most tattoo artists usually prefer.


Choose the right numbing cream.

There is no one size fits all concept when it comes to tattoo numbing creams. It is crucial that you analyse the tattoo you are getting prior to choosing the numbing cream. The best way to choose the best fit is to interact and communicate with your tattoo artist before your tattoo schedule to make sure you have everything ready beforehand.


Wash the skin with a numbing wash

Before getting a tattoo, your skin must be rid of all the dead skin cells before applying the tattoo numbing cream. You can either choose green soap or any other numbing wash available at the stores. It keeps the pH level of your skin neutral and prepares it for applying the numbing cream easily.


Apply the pre deadener

Your tattoo artist will add a pre-deadener, and then you need to wait for 5 -10 minutes until the area gets numb. The higher the amount of numbing cream you apply, the higher is the waiting time! Also, thicker skin takes slightly longer than thin skin.


Wash off the pre deadener

Once the area is numb, wash off the pre-deadener and start the tattoo process! There is no requirement to let it stay on the skin during the complete tattoo process.


Are there any risks of using Tattoo numbing creams?

Tattoo numbing creams are generally considered safe. Until you follow all the right directions as your tattoo artist prescribes, you need not worry about any harmful effects.

However, if you add extra doses of tattoo numbing cream to make the effects longer or more intense, it can adversely affect your health. Too much tattoo numbing cream application results in dangerous side effects and toxicity. Hence, be very precise regarding the amount of application, and you are good to go!

Lastly, every cream consists of preservatives, which can cause allergies to some people. If you are already allergic to any of the ingredients, it is essential that you read the ingredients of the numbing cream beforehand.


Final Thoughts

Tattoo numbing creams are incredible for people who avoid getting tattoos just due to the fear of pain. Even though the pain of tattoos is never unbearable, you can always use good quality tattoo numbing creams as prescribed by any medical practitioner or your tattoo artist.

Nonetheless, nothing beats your tattoo aftercare. Even if you numb away the pain, it is essential that you follow all the aftercare steps diligently for the best results!

Ever used a tattoo numbing cream for your tattoos before? If yes, comment down your experience and let our readers know more about it!

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Till then,
Stay safe and Happy Tattooing!


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