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Why To Opt For A Tattoo Appointment?

Why To Opt For A Tattoo Appointment?

A lot of people have asked us whether they can directly go to a tattoo artist and get the information they need. We always tell them that that’s not how it works. Considering how often we have been getting such queries about tattoo artist appointments (or rather no appointments), we thought we should write an article about why it is important to book an appointment with a tattoo artist instead of just walking into their work space.

First let’s get one thing clarified. Walk-in. When we say booking an appointment is better, we do not mean that you cannot be a walk-in customer. You can go and inquire about certain things definitely. When we say book an appointment, we mean that if you want personal attention for your tattoo or need information regarding the ideas you have, then you cannot just expect to go and get all that information and assistance.

Let’s get into the main agenda now. Why should you go for a tattoo booking to get a tattoo artist appointment?


1. Prep Time for Artist

Every artist puts in a lot of hours for every single tattoo that s/he designs and inks. From the commencement of your conversation, the artist starts creating the perfect design for you. Once that gets done and you go home to prep, the artist still works on your design, making it perfect because they have to follow it precisely to make no errors. The finesse of your artist’s work starts from that stage itself

Therefore, if you book a tattoo appointment with an artist, it gives the artist the required time to have the conversations with you, make up time for your design and then ultimately be prepared on the right day, at the right time to ink your tattoo.


2. You Get Time for Yourself

This means that you can talk to your artist at reasonable hours, get suggestions, talk about alterations, you can also be sure that the artist will be available for you whenever you have an appointment with them. These are important factors because this makes it easy for you to plan.


3. Customization Time

When you want a customized tattoo, it is important to get ample time with your artist. Without an appointment, you cannot get any artist to sit with you for those hours of investment in your design. When you book an appointment, you do not easily get it either. So, you can understand how difficult it can be to just walk-in and hope to get an artist to help you out with your design.


4. A Slot Booked Just for You

When a slot gets booked for your tattoo, for you, the artist is ready for you and your tattoo. You do not have to worry if the artist will have enough time or whether they would have enough time to work on your design. These things would be done well beforehand to make your tattoo day go smoothly. This helps the artist also as they get time to be prepared as mentioned in #1.


5. Any Alterations Can Be Easily Discussed in Due Time

There are times when you might decide something and feel like it could be better after some time, that type of space to think about your tattoo would not be available if you think about going and getting a spontaneous tattoo done. Your tattoo artist will also get time to ask you if you need any alterations and like we mentioned, they will get the time to make those alterations.


6. Convenience for Both the Tattoo Artist and Yourself

Convenience in so many ways is obvious when you make a tattoo appointment. Time convenience with ample time for you to take decisions, for the artist to work on the design and make the essential arrangements. The convenience for you to plan things, your schedules.


See? There is a reason why tattoo booking is important because an artist appointment helps you to get a sure slot for yourself. A tattoo appointment also confirms for the artist that investing their time in your design and keeping a slot available for you is worth their time.

Hence, whenever you plan to get tattoos, remember three important words – tattoo artist appointment as the first step. It is not only respectful towards the artist’s time, but it also gives you ample time to prep in whatever way is needed. Maybe you have to pre-pone the Goa trip according to the appointment because you cannot avoid sun exposure there!

This is why most tattoo artists only cater to clients who have made their tattoo booking in advance.

We hope now you will also do the same. How? Well, when The TattooPedia is here, you don’t have to go anywhere. Just head to this section and browse for the artist and to browse for all the studios, head to this section. Who you find to be the best, book your tattoo appointment from our Site itself!

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