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Why Workshops are Important for Growth?

Why Workshops are Important for Growth?

Tattooing is a never-ending art that is tough to master. Even if you are a pro at tattooing and have years of experience, you can still learn something new every day from your fellow tattoo artists.

One of the best ways to gather more insights and information about tattooing and everything related to it is by attending tattoo workshops. There are countless tattoo workshops held every day worldwide, both online and offline, for the tattoo lovers there.

Today, we will discuss an upcoming tattoo workshop that is trending all over the internet by the very famous Sunny Bhanushali, the leading tattoo artist based in Mumbai, India. He is the owner of The Aliens Tattoo, one of the largest chains of tattoo studios globally, and The Aliens Tattoo School has been harnessing the best tattoo talents across the country.

The TattooPedia is the marketing partner for this workshop, and we are thrilled to share more details about this upcoming tattoo workshop for all our tattoo enthusiasts! Let’s get started already, shall we?


Why should you join a Tattoo Workshop?

As we said, you can gain knowledge, especially about tattoos, from pretty much every sphere of the industry. One of the best ways to know more about his art and learn about techniques you may not have much idea about is to join a tattoo workshop!

A tattoo workshop can be the one-stop destination that can help you learn different tattooing techniques, designs and know what’s trending in the industry to help serve your customers better.

Even if you are currently enrolled in a tattoo school, learning is limited since you are taught under a few guidelines and lessons. To expand your knowledge base on tattoos, you need to move out of your comfort zone, get into the nitty-gritty about tattooing, and there is nothing better than a tattoo workshop that can give you helpful real-life insights about your tattoo endeavour.

Apart from the tattoo teachings and learnings, you can also meet new prospects under the same workshop, sharing their insights about the world of tattoos. As we said, the knowledge in this industry is endless. All you need is the patience and will to learn. With such outstanding initiatives, you can reach many heights without your industry and be a master at your art!


Is Tattoo Workshop beneficial for new tattoo students?

As we repeatedly keep on saying, knowledge about tattoos is endless. Be it pro with years of experience or a complete newbie. Tattoo workshops can be a great source of knowledge and training about handling real-life tattoo projects with clients.

Tattoo workshops are a hidden gem for newbies since, as a newbie, you may not get much hands-on experience and learn about creating tattoos. Therefore, your clients may not trust you initially. The tattoo workshops give you insider knowledge about tattooing and how to create masterpieces with the right techniques! Such tattoo workshops can help you learn how to handle custom intricate tattoo designs with ease.

By trending such tattoo workshops, not only do you get hands-on experience about handling the most demanding designs, but you also get to know about the insights of branding, marketing, and creating strategies to kickstart your tattoo career.

Needless to say, most tattoo workshops offer you a certificate of completion of the workshop, which you can add into your portfolio, and you can always get a better preference over your fellow tattoo mates.


Aliens Tattoo Workshop by Sunny Bhanushali



Now that we have finally discussed so much about the benefits of attending tattoo workshops, let’s get into the real business! The TattooPedia is one of the marketing sponsors of the latest and one of the biggest tattoo workshops in India, the Aliens Tattoo Workshop.

Hosted by Sunny Bhanushali, one of the leading tattoo artists globally, this workshop is a two-day tattoo workshop on 9th and 10th November 2021 for every tattoo enthusiast out there.


What can you expect in Aliens Tattoo Workshop? Schedule for Aliens Tattoo Workshop.

This workshop costs just ₹13,900, which is quite decent considering the benefits of attending this workshop! You get access to the discussion group wherein you can meet the best tattoo talents across the country, one meal a day, and of course, the 2-day sessions with Sunny Bhanushali! Let’s check out the complete schedule below.


Day One



Path to Mastery

Like we said, this workshop is all about harnessing skills for both newbies and experienced tattoo artists. Day one will consist of revisiting the fundamentals of the art of tattooing. Here Sunny will share a structured and simplified approach to help you master the art of tattooing real quick while addressing the hurdles that come in the journey of every tattoo artist during their career.


Aliens Marketing Strategy

Being one of the largest chains, Aliens Tattoos definitely has done its marketing and advertising right for the past 6 years. Also, being a celebrity tattoo artist, Sunny shares many insights on how they built their studio, promoted it, and brought it to this platform today! He also talks about the importance and the need for community building for your brand and maximizing the reach of the tattoo studio.


Hands-on Tattoo Training

During this workshop, you can practice on artificial skin, giving you hands-on experience about sketching, using tattoo machines, and creating your vision into reality on the skin. Here the prime focus would be on soft shading and realistic, rough technique using 8x and dots. Let’s not forget, this is just the basics, and you have more to cover on DAY 2!


Medical Grade Hygiene System

If you want to make it large in the tattoo industry, tattoo hygiene should be one of your top focuses when dealing with multiple clients. Good hygiene helps in building a better reputation and rapport with the customers. They can be assured that they are completely in safe hands. Thus, Sunny and his team will teach you how to elevate the hygiene system and build a safer community.


Day Two



Stencilling - Pro Techniques

Here you will learn stencilling right from the fundamentals to the pro techniques. You will also learn about digital media and technology, which can help you create crisp tattoo stencils within a span of just 10 minutes! Crazy, right?


Live Tattooing

Here you will work on realistic textured portrait tattoos while covering topics such as:

  • Stencil Placement Pro Tips
  • Tattoo Station Set-Up
  • Tonal Values
  • 3 Layer Rendering Technique
  • Buttersoft Shading Technique
  • How To Reduce Skin Redness
  • Use the Power of Transparency
  • All-weather skin aftercare

And so much more…


Q&A session

After all the learning, you may have many doubts in your mind, and the Q&A session is just made for that! Here you get a one-hour session to discuss your queries and answers about tattoos and other relevant topics.


Certificate Distribution

Lastly, the workshop ends with sharing authentic certificates of the completion of this workshop along with many photo sessions, review sharings, and promoting learning through this workshop!


Venue Details for Aliens Tattoo Workshop

You can find the venue details below.
9th and 10th November 2021
Aliens Tattoo School
Mumbai, India.

The Aliens Tattoo workshop is from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on both days!


Click here to enroll


About Sunny Bhanushali, the owner of Aliens Tattoo Studio

Sunny never needed an introduction about his contribution to the tattoo industry globally. He specializes in 3D, portrait, realism, coverups, religion, mythology, and coverups. He has worked on many celebrities of India such as Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic, Krunal Pandya, and many more.



He is the founder of Aliens Tattoo studio, one of the largest tattoo chains across the globe. He is also the founder of Asia’s First government Recognized Tattoo School, Aliens Tattoo School. He is also the owner of the Online Tattoo Learning Program, LILA -Learn It Like Aliens, that promotes self-learning tattoos.

He is also supported by many renowned names of the industry such as Dermalize, Eternal Inks, Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment, etc.

He is recognized amongst the best tattoo artists in India and a fantastic mentor for sharing his valuable knowledge about tattoos through such workshops and events across the country.


Final Takeaway

Tattoo Workshops like the Aliens Tattoo Workshop happen primarily for educating tattoo enthusiasts across the globe. Such tattoo workshops are a great source of inspiration and educating yourself more about handling tattoos on the skin. They have their doors open for every level since they cover right from the basics to the pro techniques. Since you will be under the guidance of Sunny and his team, you can be rest assured you have the best and the most authentic learning about tattoos.

We at The TattooPedia, being the proud marketing partner of the Aliens Tattoo Workshop, would love to watch our readers there and harness the skill of tattooing for a better future. Together, we can build more awareness about tattoos in India while developing the best talents in the country.


Till then,
Stay safe, and We’ll see you on the 9th and 10th November 2021!
Join the Aliens Tattoo Workshop Today!


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