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3D tattoo is three-dimensional body art which comes off as rooting from your skin or, bein.. read more


An abstract tattoo is probably like the opposite of order. The designs involve distortion .. read more


Done entirely with black ink, blackwork tattoos are bold, thick black lines or any other d.. read more


Classic tattoos are some of the old school tattoos styles which mostly encompass the style.. read more

Cover up

Many a time it happens that an old tattoo is too faded or you just do not wish to keep a t.. read more

Dot work

Dot work tattoos are made through dots instead of lines and curves. A portion of your tatt.. read more


Embroidery tattoos seem like 3D tattoos and give the impression of being sewn into the ski.. read more


Geometric tattoos comprise of geometrical shapes like that of squares and triangles. Most .. read more

Hand poked

Also known as stick and poke, is an art form very similar to machine tattoos. It is perman.. read more


Extensively popular these days, Japanese tattoos are loved because of the intricate design.. read more


One of the most creative and stylish tattoos with a deep meaning, mandala means a lot of t.. read more


These are the opposite of bigger, broader tattoos and are basic and small tattoos which ar.. read more


Miniature tattoos and micro tattoos are similar but differ in terms of size. Miniature tat.. read more


Minimalist tattoos are quite intricate and clear tattoos which make use of thin black line.. read more

Neo traditional

Neo-traditional tattoos are American old school tattoos but on a higher level. These have .. read more

New School

Somewhat like caricature style of tattooing, the new school tattoos are from the 70’s wh.. read more

Optical illusion

These include 3D tattoos as those give the illusion of being on your skin and real, not ju.. read more


Ornamental tattoos are those which seem to be like carvings on a person. These are seen as.. read more


Portrait tattoos are like sketches of your loved ones or anyone you admire, on your body. .. read more


Quite commonly done tattoos, the quote tattoos or lettering is basically involving words a.. read more


Realism tattoos are just like the art of the period of Realism. These tattoos cover the th.. read more


Religious tattoos can be of the deities or gods that you worship or be symbols of religion.. read more


Soundwave tattoos are quite uniquely amazing because they make one feel like in another te.. read more


Somewhat similar to old school tattoos, these tattoos involve bold lines, bright colors an.. read more


Tribal tattoos vary from culture to culture in their meanings and are usually noticeable w.. read more


These are easily mistaken to be watercolored on the skin instead of being tattooed traditi.. read more

White ink

Quite distinctive and not common but trendy nonetheless, white ink tattoos can be of any d.. read more

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