02 Nov, 2021

2-Day Advance Tattoo Workshop

2-Day Advance Tattoo Workshop

Two day workshop ( 9th & 10th November) will be conducted at Inkspace tattoo studio in Hauz Khas village, New Delhi, India. This will be an Advance Tattoo workshop for the artists who art struggling to performing Colour realism or Cover up tattoos.


Chetan & Prashant will be sharing their knowledge on the above topics through practical understanding, experience and skills,they gained over the years of practice and hard work.


During the workshop Chetan and Prashant will be working LIVE and answering Q/A.


This work shop aims to teach, the theoretical and practical understanding of: 

1. How to approach Colour Realism and Cover Up Tattoos

2. How to unwind the Depth, Light and Details in your tattoo stencil.

3. How to speed up your Tattooing

4. How to understand Colour Mixing, packing and Blending

6. How to Hide Blacks with light colour in a Cover up Tattoo


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Whats in for you on these 2 days?

Day 1: Cover-Up Tattoos by Prashant Yadhuvanshi

1. Understanding of true greys and their advantages over greywash for coverups
2. How to use true greys and greywash together
3. How to camouflage the old tattoo in a way that it doesn’t seem like an obvious coverup
4. Power of whites and how to use the whites and lighter tones to cover darker tattoos


Day 2: Colour Realism by Chetan Salhotra

1. How to differentiate colours and make stencil
2. Importance of Hand Made Stencil and unwinding depth, light and details in stenciling
3. Understanding Colour mixing, packing and Blending techniques
4. Choosing the right needles
5. Setting up Colour Pallet and work station


So what are you waiting for? Go on and grab a seat !! Limited seats available !!

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