02 Nov, 2021

2-Day Tattoo Workshop by Sunny Bhanushali

2-Day Tattoo Workshop by Sunny Bhanushali

Tattooing is a never-ending art that is tough to master. Even if you are a pro at tattooing and have years of experience, you can still learn something new every day from your fellow tattoo artists. One of the best ways to gather more insights and information about tattooing and everything related to it is by attending tattoo workshops. There are countless tattoo workshops held every day worldwide, both online and offline, for the tattoo lovers there.


Aliens Tattoo brings to you a 2 Day workshop mentored by Sunny Bhanushali, focusing on Marketing, Sales, Branding and Advance Tattooing, an all in one package for you to Learn it Like an Alien and grow your business !!


Dates: 9th & 10th November'21
Location: Aliens Tattoo School, Mumbai, India


So what do you get if you enroll for this?


Day 1: All about marketing

- How to setup & grow your business
- Success story of aliens
- How to build your core team
- How to run digital ads across various social media platforms
- What is customer delight
- How to encourage word of mouth


Day 2: Advance Tattooing

- Photo realism texture and techniques
- Hands-on tattoo training on artificial skin
- Stenciling pro techniques
- Appropriate selection of tattoo needles
- How to use white inks
- Maintaining tattoo station and studio hygiene


Click here to learn more and register for the workshop!!


Hurry!! Limited seats left.

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