Here are 5 things you should do before you get a tattoo done:

  1. Hydrate well
  2. Moisturise the skin (not on the day of getting the tattoo)
  3. Shave the area maximum of 24hrs before getting the tattoo
  4. Avoid any rash/ scratches/ acne/ blisters on the area
  5. Do not apply numbing creams on skin unless advised by your artist

There are a plenty of things you should know beforehand

  1. Your design and placement
  2. Which artist is most suitable for your design
  3. Pricing your artist will charge
  4. How to prepare your skin for a tattoo
  5. Aftercare of your tattoo

Yes and No.

If you get a tattoo done on a sensitive area like inner biceps, upper thighs or a bone area like clavicle then you might feel slight pain.

But if you choose an area like triceps, outer forearm, calves then the pain will be almost negligible.

No, you can get a tattoo as young as possible, but we recommend at least an adult age before getting a tattoo, so you don't make an impulsive decision that you regret.

Not at all. The inks these days are very high quality and of organic material which don't harm your body at all.

Theoretically it isn't, but you might get in trouble for having a visible flashy tattoo if you have a job like News anchor, teacher and government employee.

So, if you are in such jobs then get a tattoo done on usually covered body parts like chest, back, shoulder, thighs etc.

Any body part that has skin can be inked. May it be your scalp, lips and even your eyeballs can be inked.

Well in traditional times the pigments used to have bones, ash and other metallic compounds in them, but now the technology and pigment’s game has advanced so manufacturers have started using organic materials in pigments.

Yes, you can but only after waiting for at least 6-12 months of getting a tattoo done. (number of months can vary as per the rotary or hospital you choose)

Well the cost depends on multiple reasons

  1. Size and placement of tattoo.
  2. Artist you choose.
  3. Type of design (like a geometric design will cost you less than a coloured realism portrait tattoo)
  4. Which country you are getting inked in.
  5. Detailing of a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo when your immune system isn't 100% is a bad idea. This will make your tattoo heal slower and increases the chances of an infection.

Sun exposure, sweating, tanning and water activities are bad for a fresh tattoo, so it's best to get a big tattoo done in winters. Though if it’s a small tattoo, it doesn't really matter.

Tattoos are safe when done under right conditions and taken proper care when done recently.

In other words, tattoos can be as safe as you and your artist want them to be. So, if youare getting inked at any of The TattooPedia certified studios,you can be assured of the following important precautions artists/studios should take:

  1. Sanitized station
  2. Fresh needles
  3. Good quality inks
  4. Dustless environment
  5. Proper aftercare instructions (that you follow)

You will be as safe as possible; rest is your responsibility to take care of the tattoo afterwards.

No, your skin doesn't know the difference between colours of pigments, so they’ll feel the same.

There are 5 things you should do while choosing a tattoo

  1. Select a design that means something to YOU, not your friends or family.
  2. Select your artist as per your tattoo. The artist should be experienced in the style you want to get tattooed in.
  3. Know about the beforehand and aftercare of tattoos.
  4. Don’t be a cheap person. Be patient, save money and get a tattoo from an experienced artist.
  5. Choose a design with keeping the location in mind.

Though you can get a small tattoo almost anywhere you want but here are some ideas.

  1. Forearm
  2. Behind the ear
  3. Ankle
  4. Clavicle
  5. Neck
  6. Fingers
  7. Nape
  8. Wrist
  9. Lower back

You can have a look at the tattoo designs for these placement areas in The Designs section of our website.

Portrait tattoos are best suited for a large and flat surface. So, we would recommend places like

  1. Chest
  2. Forearm
  3. Thigh
  4. Shoulder

You can have a look at the tattoo designs for these placement areas in The Designs section of our website.

There isn't any body part that you can't get a tattoo on. So, go for what you want, keeping in mind that you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.

No, it's your tattoo not theirs. Yes, you can suggest inputs when deciding a tattoo but avoid asking too many people as tattoo is a very personal thing that should be customized to you.

In most cases, Yes. After getting a small tattoo and spending some time with it will make you understand a lot more about them.

Also, you’ll understand how your body reacts to a tattoo. So, it's usually a good option to get a small tattoo followed by a bigger one.

Artists have been doing tattoos for quite some time so they know how a design will look after getting healed.

So next time your artist suggests losing some details, do it or you might regret.

Why not, it's always good to have a tattoo that's one of a kind and made just for you.

Yeah you might find a cool design on Pinterest but modifying it according to your need and imagination is even better.

Not to be a racist but yes tattoos will pop and appear better if your skin colour is light. It's like drawing on a paper, your work may appear better on a light colours paper than a dark one.

So for dark/brown skinned people, a black-grey tattoo will look better than a coloured tattoo. More filled the tattoo is, the better it is for any skin colour.

Well not to generalise them but here are a few styles that are usually towards an economical end

  1. Linework tattoos
  2. Geometric tattoos
  3. Dotwork tattoos

You can have a look at these tattoo styles in The Designs section of our website.

Here are 3 things to consider when getting a tattoo coverup

  1. Consult an artist who has done them
  2. Be open to a possibility of getting 2-3 sessions of tattoo removal
  3. You might want to have a few designs or ideas in mind which you can discuss with your chosen tattoo artist

5 things you need to know and study about an artist before getting a tattoo from him

  1. Style of their work
  2. Their healed and fresh work
  3. Are they in your budget
  4. Their customised work
  5. Availability

No, all artists specialise in a particular style. Yes, they can do it for the sake of doing it, but they won't be as good as an expert in that style.

Every single rupee. Your tattoo is an investment on your body and it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life so it’s in everyone’s best interest if you save up and get it done by a professional artist.

Tattooing is a skill that an artist develops over the years. So, when an artist charges you a good amount it’s for the years and decades of time they have spent and not for a single tattoo.

We feature some of the best artists/studios in India who are recognised globally for their work. So, you can check out the Design section on The TattooPedia. To checkout a portfolio of a particular artist, please visit the Artist profile on The TattooPedia.

Another great place to see their work is an artist’s Instagram, you can see the lists of artists we have in our Artists section along with their Instagram handle mentioned for ease.

Choosing the studio is like choosing the artist but here are a few criteria we grade tattoo studio on and certify them to help you get a better picture.

  1. Hygiene
  2. Pricing
  3. Past work
  4. Customer satisfaction
  5. Number of artists
  6. Vision etc

So, you can go through their artists, previous work, location, contact information etc all in a single place in the Studio section of The TattooPedia

There are multiple ways you can book an appointment with a tattoo artist.

  1. With help of The Tattoopedia you can book an appointment with an artist/ studio too
  2. Messaging them on Instagram by using the direct link on Artists profile page on The TattooPedia

Well tipping is a great gesture, but instead of tipping please don’t not bargain with an artist.

Bargaining would not be a great gesture and if you are happy with what they have delivered, you can then tip too.

Usually 2-3 weeks for a medium to a big size tattoo. While a small tattoo will heal in 1-2 weeks.

No big tattoos don't heal slower, but as there is a lot of area so it takes longer to heal.

Tattoos do tend to lighten up after 5-6 years so you can get it touched up later. Your tattoo won't ever totally disappear.

3 tips to heal a tattoo faster:

  1. Do not scratch
  2. Avoid too much tattoo wax
  3. Avoid any sort of infection

Scabbing is in the intermediate stage of your tattoo being healed. Your tattoo will dry up and shed some of the layers of your skin.

During this stage you should never peel or scratch your tattoo.

No, itching is a sign that your skin and tattoo is healing, so avoid itching as much as possible.

Yes, it is recommended to wash, and pat dry your tattoo at least 5-6 times a day for a week after getting a tattoo.

Yes, it is okay to expose your tattoo to sunlight but not during an early stage.

In other words, it's recommended to not expose your tattoo to sunlight during the first few days.

It is not recommended to keep your tattoo submerged in water for a prolonged period. It can damage the healing process and fade the colour away too.

It is best to consult your artist before googling the symptoms and contacting a physician. As your artist deals with such things daily, so he can guide you the best.

Moreover, here are 3 signs you can check to see if your tattoo is infected or not

  1. Pus or boils
  2. Fever
  3. Burning sensation near tattoo

Yes, a tattoo wax should be used to heal the tattoo faster and protect it against any outside pathogens.

A very (really very) thin layer of tattoo wax should be applied on the tattoo

Make sure you evenly spread the wax over your tattoo and around it too.

Here are 5 things you should do to keep your tattoo healthy

  1. Don’t scratch your tattoo
  2. Avoid sunlight and submerging the tattoo during the healing process.
  3. Never peel the skin during scabbing
  4. Do not get a laser hair removal treatment on your tattooed skin
  5. Listen to your artist’s advice.

Tattoo will smudge a little bit and it is expected. Which is why having a well-designed and spaced out will keep your tattoo looking good for years to come.

    a) Keep washing your tattoo when plasma is oozing out
  1. Apply a thin layer of tattoo wax over the tattoo
  2. Follow all the instructions of aftercare given by your artist
  3. Keep your tattoo away from pets
  4. Avoid any activities that will make you sweat. If you do sweat keep washing your tattoo gently

Exposure to sun isn't recommended

Anyone who wants to learn the artform may it be for recreational purposes or to follow it professionally can learn it.

One should just understand basic sketching and shading techniques using just pencils.

Please go through the schools mentioned on our site, it has detailed information about teachers, infrastructure, passed out students along with curriculum for each of the schools.

The curriculum varies with school to school but here are a few things that usually all schools teach:

  1. Shading techniques
  2. 3D sketches
  3. Equipment handling
  4. Hygiene Practices
  5. Tattoos on skinpad
  6. Techniques like linework, realism, sticker tattoos, basic coloured tattoos.
  7. Tattoos on real human skin

All the tattoo schools will have something different to them, so choose a tattoo school where the trainers are what you aspire to be and learn from.

Here are a few things that you can take into consideration when choosing:

  1. Who is the mentor
  2. Where are they located
  3. Will they suit your budget
  4. What tattoo style do they specialize in?
  5. Do they teach other things like client interaction, customisations, digital art etc.

Though it’d be better if you go through the schools mentioned on our site, it will have a detailed description of whatever you are looking to know about those tattoo schools.

Yes, may it be for recreational purposes or for professional reason, tattooing is a great artform.

It varies from artist to artist

But on average a decent tattoo artist charges 4000-5000/ hr of their time doing tattoo.

Yes, it can be a lucrative career if you keep learning and working on your artform.

A usual course will be around 12-16 weeks, but it can take years to master the craft.

3 things you can do to get better at realism tattoos.

  1. Practice realism shading on paper using pencil
  2. Practice and learn under a realism tattoo veteran
  3. Keep doing more and more tattoos, while doing and giving some customisation to develop a unique style

Realism tattoos are usually the hardest to master and to be more specific, coloured realism is the hardest artform and can take years to get even decent at it

No, you can learn tattooing at any age and pursue it professionally as well. In fact, the world's best tattoo artists are known to have started tattooing as early as 13years old.

Different schools/ academies have a different training schedule and plan. As most of the artists are busy on weekends so you might be left with a few options if you can manage just weekends.

Though it’d be better if you go through the schools mentioned on our site, it will have a detailed description of whatever you are looking to know about those tattoo schools.

No, there is no governing body in India that provides tattoo licenses. Though you will usually get a certificate from the training school and it's good enough to showcase your training.

Absolutely you can. This is also the best age to learn and become a professional tattoo artist. You’ll have to be on your toes to balance learning the skill and keeping up with decent grades in college but if you are determined, you’ll rock it.

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