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Why sell on The TattooPedia?


Start selling without building a website of your own

Reach wider customers

Sell to wider audience visiting The TattooPedia on desktop or through mobile

Receive timely payments

We ensure your payments for your delivered orders are deposited directly in your bank accounts every 15 days

No listing fees

List as many products as you want. There is no listing fees

How selling on The TattooPedia works

1. Apply for selling on The TattooPedia

To become a TattooPedia seller, click on Start Selling and fill out small application form. All you need is your tax information (GST and PAN number) and an active bank account.

Once approved, you will have access to your shop, your one stop portal for all your selling needs

2. Upload your products

Once approved, you can start listing your products

*There is no listing fees

3. Customers see and buy your products

By listing your products on The TattooPedia, you can reach to wider customers every day.

You can advertise on The TattooPedia by buying ad space and target more customers.

4. Deliver your products to the customer

When an order has been placed for one of your products, TattooPedia notifies you by email as well as by a notification on your dashboard. Pack the products and deliver it straight to the customer

5. Receive your payment

Payment for your sales (after deducting The TattooPedia fees) is deposited securely into your bank account every 15 days

The TattooPedia selling fee structure

The TattooPedia fees

Starting from 5%, varies by category. We only charge when you sell a product

Shipping cost

Cost you will incur for shipping your orders through a 3rd party carrier of your choice

Category Sub Category The TattooPedia Sales Commission
Tattooing Equipments Wireless Machine 10%
Tattoo Kits/Sets
Tattoo Machines
Tattoo Needles
Cartridge Needles
Color Pigments
Black and Shading Ink
Power Supply Units & Accessories
Grips, Tips & Tubes
Stencil & Ink Products
Cleaning & Medical Supplies
After Care & Ointments
Studio Furnishings
Tattoo Books
Airbrush Corner
Piercing Equipments Piercing Kits 10%
Piercing Guns
Piercing Forceps
Piercing Needles
Piercing Jewellery
Piercing Aftercare
Permanent Make Up Makeup Machine 10%
Micropigment Color
Needles & Tips
Medical Supplies
Cleaning Supply
Personalized Clothing 8%
Handmade Paintings/Art Prints 8%
Handmade Décor 10%
Other products 5%

Requirements to sell on The TattooPedia

The TattooPedia enthusiast or a tattoo artist account

Register now

Your GST number and PAN information
An active bank account for payments

Terms & Conditions to sell on The TattooPedia

For Sellers :

Please read these conditions carefully before listing your product on Tattoopedia. Once you have listed the product/service on the website, it is hereby understood that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.


  • It is to be hereby noted that The Tattoopedia deals with businesses and clientele that relate primarily to tattoos and piercing.
  • Only products/services that relate to tattoos and piercings industry are allowed to be listed/sold/offered on the The Tattoopedia platform.
  • The Tattoopedia is a platform aimed to provide original, authentic, and unique products in the tattoo and piercing sectors to customers. All sellers and artists can list/sell products that are solely manufactured/ hand-made/ designed by them. No re-selling is permitted on this platform, apart from those pertaining to tattoo and piercing equipment’s, accessories and like-wise.
  • The Tattoopedia reserves the right to reject, cancel, and block any seller who does not abide by the rules of the company.
  • The sellers are obliged to fulfill all orders placed with them as per the standard policies and any complaint against a seller will be investigated thoroughly by the company. Repeat complaints and non-compliance will lead to the disbandment of the seller from the platform after recovering the losses, if any, suffered by the company.
  • Sellers must agree to comply with the regulation that the product or services listed on the website must not hurt anyone’s sentiments. In case of any complaints, they must be handled by the seller, and the product will be removed immediately by the company from The Tattoopedia’s website.
  • Sellers, hereby agree and stipulate that every product listed and sold on the website will be checked for quality, and no defective/sub-standard products will be sold to the clients. The sellers must handle within 7 days of intimation all quality concerns.
  • It is hereby agreed that the sellers will make every effort to display the availability of the product as accurately as possible to avoid any inconvenience to the customer and the company.


  • All orders on the Tattoopedia platform will be prepaid, and the money will be remitted to the seller on a weekly basis, after the deduction of the company’s commission.
  • The commission fixed by the company is final, and there can be no negotiations or alterations on the same, unless otherwise specified.
  • Each product category has a commission percentage allocated to it, and the same will be followed across all sellers and artists listed with us. For a detailed list of commissions, visit Pricing & Fees tab.
  • All shipping and logistical services have to be handled by the sellers themselves, including sharing tracking details, coordination, return pickup, lost orders, and fines, if any.
  • Sellers must include applicable taxes on the sale prices listed on The Tattoopedia’s platform.
  • Sellers are responsible for remitting all statutory payments including but not limited to sales tax, GST, excise, and licensing fees at the stipulated deadlines.
  • The sellers are responsible for defining the shipping time, cancellation period, return and exchange policies for their products and update the same with their product listing. The sellers are also liable to abide by them and ensure smooth customer service to all of The Tattoopedia’s clientele.
  • The seller is solely liable for setting the selling price of his/her listed products and in no circumstance can ask for additional price of a product either from The TattooPedia or the customer in case of price changes. Any such losses incurred due to price changes shall be borne by the seller himself and no-one else shall be held responsible, neither the customer nor The TattooPedia would be liable to refund losses.
  • All the prices for a product are to be set and decided solely by the seller himself and The TattooPedia doesn’t play any role in deciding the price of seller's products.

Arbitration :

  • In case of any dispute between the company and the seller, the client and the company, and the seller and the client, the decision of the company will be final and binding on all.
  • If there are any further disputes, they would be settled in a court of law and under the jurisdiction Delhi.

Intellectual Property Rights :

  • Sellers hereby agree and stipulate that the sellers only do the design, manufacturing, and processing of the products listed by them.
  • Sellers also agree that they are the owners of all intellectual property rights associated with the product.
  • In case of any complaints regarding intellectual property rights, sellers agree to immediately remove the product from the website until the dispute is cleared.
  • It is the responsibility of the sellers to undertake and cooperate with any investigation regarding the intellectual property rights of their products.

For E-Commerce Platform Customers :

Please read these conditions carefully before purchasing a product from The Tattoopedia. By continuing to shop and purchase from the website, it is hereby understood that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.

It is hereby agreed that the website and company of The Tattoopedia is a medium for customers to purchase products listed on it by various sellers. It is further noted that the company is only a facilitator in this case and the sale contract and liability are between the seller and the client for the most part.

The company will strive to ensure uninterrupted usage of the website but does not guarantee an experience free of disruptions at any point in time.

Purchase Conditions

  • Customers hereby agree and stipulate that before making any purchase, they have read and agreed to the product’s description, price, sale conditions listed with the product. Any confusion owing to the misinterpretation of the same will not be the company or seller’s liability.
  • Once the purchase is confirmed, the customers will receive the order confirmation and shipping details via email/ message and are liable to be present at their given address to collect the order.
  • All returns/cancellations must be completed as per the schedule listed on the product page, and any requests post the given period will not be entertained.
  • Customers agree that all shipping, payment refund, and quality concerns must be directed to the seller, and the company has no role in the said objectives.
  • The company holds the right to cancel, delist, or limit the sale of a product as per the convenience of the company.
  • Customers cannot hold the seller or the company liable for a failure to fulfill an order in case of conditions outside of its control (manmade and natural).
  • In case of return/ exchange, the cost of sending the product back to seller needs to be borne by the buyer.

Arbitration :

The company plays the role of a mediator and arbitrator between the customer and the seller if :

  • The seller has failed to deliver a quality product to the customer and failed to carry out the remedial measures.
  • The customer has not collected the product on time leading to a loss for the seller.
  • Any shipping/ payment-related issues have been addressed to the seller via email but remain unresolved for more than 30 days.
  • The product’s design is objectionable or plagiarised, and the customer has raised it to the seller without any redressal.

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